The Benefits of Preventative Maintenance (PM) program 

  • Prolongs equipment longevity.
  • Eliminate consumer complaints.
  • Creates a SAFE environment for your facility and consumers.
  • 24-48-hour response time with a PM agreement.
  • Prevent premature failure and lower repair costs. 

What to expect during a PM visit

  • Regular cleaning, inspections and adjustments in order to ensure equipment is running efficiently.  
  • We test all programs and check equipment stats to confirm that the equipment is operational. 
  • We document if any follow-ups and/or new parts need to be completed. 

Options for PM Programs

  • Gym Tech provides a monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual PM programs based on the need for your facility. 
  • No prepayment required, payments are due after each visit! 

Upon request, customers can receive a Preventative Maintenance Scope of Work checklist!